Feet First Names Nominees for TIB Complete Streets Funding

Feet First is thrilled to announce the nominees we have put forward with
the Transportation Investment Board (TIB) for Complete Streets funding in
2019, and thanks all the many cities around Washington that applied for
our support and recommendation.

The State of Washington’s Transportation Investment Board “funds high
priority transportation projects in communities throughout the state to
enhance the movement of people, goods and services.” This independent
state agency helps support street construction and maintenance, and has
been a big help in getting Complete Streets ordinances (a precondition for
funding) passed around the state.

This particular grant program is not focused on a particular project or
projects, but rather on the culture and policies around walking and
complete streets in each of the cities that apply for funding. While
Complete Streets policy is a necessity, cities also talk about their
citizen engagement and involvement efforts, their planning and
prioritization processes, local funding, and
commissions/committees/councils that they have related to pedestrian

While smaller and larger cities often have varying degrees of resources
and staff available, Feet First noted strong commitments in many parts of
the state toward making walking safer, easier, and more enjoyable, and we
look forward to continuing to work with these communities as they work to
become more walkable.

While Feet First’s support does not guarantee funding from TIB, we are
pleased to name the following as our nominees:

  • Bellingham
  • Bremerton
  • Cle Elum
  • Federal Way
  • Mabton
  • Olympia
  • Pierce County
  • Shoreline
  • Vancouver
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