Learn more about Feet First—our accomplishments, our history, our strategic plan that guides our work, who we are as people, and what our policies are on the different issues that affect walkability.



28 Statewide SRTSAccomplishments

Feet First inspires, connects and informs wide-ranging discussions with government agencies, developers and community groups to promote walkable communities. We regularly meet with community members to discuss options for improving walking conditions in their neighborhoods. We serve as a partner in important research projects related to planning, public health and policy.



2 Hosts First Crosswalk Actions Mary Pat Lawlor Ethel BoyarOrigins

Feet First began in 1995 as a group of citizens and professionals interested in promoting walkable communities. In 2001, we became an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit. A grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation allowed us to hire our first staff person at the end of 2003. Today we’re a fast-growing organization with passionate board members, staff, and volunteers supporting our vision of people walking every day for their health, transportation, environment, community, and pleasure.



Feet WalkingStrategic Plan

Check out Feet First’s vision for the future—our Strategic plan defines our major goals and the routes we plan to achieve them. We review and revise this plan every three years with input from Board, Staff, and Committee Members.






FF Staff BoardPeople

Interested in learning more about the walkers, strollers, hikers, amblers, wanderers, trekkers, and perambulators behind the mission? Find out who makes up the staff, board, volunteers, interns, committees, and advisory board of Feet First.






Advocacy 1Feet First Policy

Advocacy is a major component of the work Feet First does. These policy papers, prepared by our Policy Committee, convey Feet First’s position on key issues of interest to increase safe and easy ways for people to choose to go by foot.