Strategic Plan



Stadium District Walk & Talk (53)


We promote walkable communities and empower people throughout Washington to connect to the world by foot.



People walking every day for their health, transportation, environment, community and pleasure.


  1. Identify and empower community leaders to mobilize people to take action to promote walkable communities.
  2. Inform and motivate policy makers to make decisions that favor and prioritize funding and policies for walkable neighborhoods.
  3. Energize and inform Puget Sound residents about walkabilty issues through educational, interesting and interactive means.
  4. Provide programs, tools and infrastructure to measurably increase walking.
  5. Secure adequate resources and partnerships to sustain the organization and achieve its mission.
  6. Cultivate a dynamic, diverse and active cohort excited to call themselves Feet First members.


Read our Strategic Plan (2012 – 2015)