Alert: Action Needed for the Neighborhood Safe Speeds Bill

Alert: Action Needed for the Neighborhood Safe Speeds Bill

We now have until 5 pm TODAY to get the Senate to vote for SHB 1217. The Senate again needs to hear from you about how this bill removes red tape and unnecessary hurdles for cities and towns to create safer streets in our neighborhoods. Contact your senator today!


After 52 days in Olympia, the Neighborhood Safe Speeds Bill (SHB 1217) once again needs you to voice your support for allowing cities and town to make our neighborhood streets safer. 

Already sent in a note? Thank you and please send another!

Contact your State Senator. 

Here is an example email for you to use:

Dear Senator. _________,

SHB 1217 – the Neighborhood Safe Speeds Bill – just passed out of the Rules Committee and is poised for a vote on the Senate floor. I urge you to support this important legislation. 

The Neighborhood Safe Speeds bill provides more local control, offers an additional safety tool for local governments, removes additional study costs and red tape currently required by the state, and it encourages active living by offering cities and towns the chance to create safer streets.. Most importantly, when used in conjunction with engineering and enforcement, lower speeds on non-arterial streets can save lives.

Additionally, it is bipartisan legislation with co-sponsors from both parties. It passed out of the House 96-0

Please support the Neighborhood Safe Speeds Bill (SHB 1217). 

Thank you for your service, 

[Your Name here]


Thank you for all your work to make our streets safer!

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