Feet First Walks in Kent

20 Feet First walkers enjoyed a socially distanced walk last week from the Three Friends Fishing Hole in Kent. Our continued thanks to Chris Ensor and the other Feet First Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors who are continuing to help folks walk during the pandemic! There are three more walks in Kent through the end of September: […]

Alternatives to Police Traffic Safety Enforcement

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police and the resulting Black Lives Matter protests, the Seattle City Council is currently looking at dramatic reductions in police budgets, reallocating funding to alternative public safety efforts that do not rely so heavily on uniformed and armed police officers. Other cities across the […]

Feet First Statewide Advocacy Network Lead Mike McGinn hired as Executive Director of America Walks

Announced Friday, Feet First’s Statewide Advocacy Network director Mike McGinn will be the new director of America Walks. The Feet First board congratulates Mike McGinn on the new position and celebrates his achievements in launching and leading the Statewide Advocacy Network. Feet First’s Statewide Advocacy Network has brought together organizations from across Washington State who […]

Socially-Distanced Walking with Feet First Proven Possible in Kent

At Feet First, we miss walking with you. Our group walks, from Jane’s Walks to Stairway Walks to our many Neighborhood Walking Ambassador walks, mean a lot to us, and we are bummed the pandemic has kept us from doing them.  That said, Neighborhood Walking Ambassador Chris Ensor, in Kent, has done a fantastic job with walks that meet the King […]

Time to End All the Curfews

Cities and towns across Washington have instituted curfews that needlessly impinge on people’s freedom of mobility, particularly for those whose primary means of transportation are walking, cycling, and public transportation. We understand the intentions behind instating a curfew. However experience so far shows that curfews are not achieving their objectives, can be selectively enforced (with […]

Celebrate Jane’s Walk Festival with Us!

Each year, Feet First participates in Jane’s Walks, an annual worldwide celebration of community-led walking in honor of Jane Jacobs. While the coronavirus prevents us from hosting our regular group walks this year, it does not stop us from being able to share our favorite spaces in our neighborhoods. Our communities are looking out for each […]