Shoreline is Walking the Walk around their Light Rail Stations 

The City of Shoreline’s proposed pedestrian improvements around the future 145th and 185th light rail stations are the most ambitious plans of any City in the Sound Transit area. From woonerfs and pedestrian bridges to multi-use paths, these improvements strive to make traveling by foot not only safe, but also pleasant and convenient. Inspired by Shoreline’s City Planner Nora Daley-Peng’s […]

Feet First has Concerns about Robot Delivery Vehicles

The current legislative session in Olympia features a bill (SB5378/HB1325) concerning autonomous delivery vehicles (robots), designed to bring goods (including to-go food orders) to your door. They are also referred to as Personal Delivery Devices (or PDDs). Amazon is currently testing this technology in Snohomish County. This bill would allow these vehicles to operate on […]