Feet First Recommendations for West Seattle and Ballard Light Rail Extensions

Feet First has been working to make Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail system
more walkable for more than a decade. Our Sound Access for All (SAfA)
campaign was a major part of the effort to build the Northgate bridge,
connecting the Northgate station across I-5 to North Seattle College.

As Sound Transit gears up for the projects funded by the ST3 measure, the
SAfA team has been out walking and talking, and thinking and writing,
about the West Seattle to Ballard segments (including the SoDo, CID,
downtown, SLU, and Uptown portions in between). This effort has resulted
in a report (download) that Feet First has shared with Sound
Transit, and we think it is important reading for everyone interested in
making it easy to walk to light rail. The “regional spine” needs to be
easily accessible to everyone.

If you’re interested in walkability and transit, and would like to
volunteer with Feet First, please click here to contact us by email for more information.

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