Feet First Safe Routes to School Programs

Safe Routes to School Programs to Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

We are proud to be a part of a growing Safe Routes to School movement. Safe Routes to School combines the six “E’s” to help students walk to school safely: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Encouragement, Equity, and Evaluation. By partnering with cities, regional planning organizations, health districts, school districts, and other public agencies, we help create and deliver effective and engaging programs to get more children walking to school.

Education and Encouragement Campaigns

We excel at creating and delivering education and encouragement campaigns to complement your communities engineering and enforcement efforts. See examples of our campaigns here and here.

Camina the Feet First Chicken is an essential (and much-loved) element of our walking campaigns.

S.W.O.T. Analysis and Social Marketing Plan

We conduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis to inform, design, and deliver an effective program.

Walking Audits

A Walking Audit is an interactive, community activity that assesses an area to determine if an area is safe, inviting, and accessible for people oGreenwood Field Notes dot visualf all ages and abilities to go by foot. Feet First identifies and prioritize needed improvements. Take a look at the Community Walking Audit reports we have created. As part of our walking audits, we can assess arrival and departure in order to create a plan to decrease the number of cars dropping off and picking up students.


Feet First will analyze and update your school’s current walk route maps or design new ones using our community engagement process.

Safety Education Curriculum

In partnership with Washington Bikes and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction,SRTS 7 Feet First developed the pedestrian safety curriculum components. We train the trainers who will administer this curriculum. Apply to receive funding for your school, which includes a train-the-trainer event.

Walking School Buses

Feet First can help plan, coordinate, and implement Walking School Buses at your school. A Walking School Bus is a coordinated walking route led by parent or staff champions. They help parents feJen with kids on trailel safer safer allowing their children to walk to school, and give children a social incentive to walk. Click here for more information.


SRTS 7WALKTOBER and Other Walk to School Events

Feet First provides resources and consultation for schools that want to host Walk to School events. We provide trainings to inspire parents, teachers, and school districts to increase walking in your school. Mark your calendar, October is WALKTOBER Feet First hosts a friendly campaign to celebrate walking to school, to work, and for fun throughout the month!

P.S. We have FREE incentives! Encourage more children to walk to school. Feet First will send you incentives for Seattle public and private schools for walking and biking events.

Street Stories

Our Street Stories program is a 5-week program that middle and high school youth are invited to take part in neighborhood walks, interviewing, and engaged in digital storytelling activities. They make videos to communicate their opinions about their neighborhood.


Safe Routes to School Action Network

The Safe Routes to School Action Network is a community of people across Washington State who have come together to advocate for safe walking and bicycling to and from school to improve the health and well-being of students, and to create more livable and sustainable communities. The network is comprised of individuals representing local, regional, and state-wide agencies and organizations committed to supporting and promoting the safety and health of all students. Be a part of the action – join us today!

Past Webinars and informational meetings:
Safe Routes to School

Cascade Bicycle Club/WSDOT Webinar 

Safe Routes to School National Partnership Informational Meeting, SW Washington


Walking School Bus

Carla Feltz Webinar PowerPoint

David Genova Webinar PowerPoint

SRTS 7Safe Routes to School History

Feet First launched a Safe Routes to School program at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School in 2004. The program received the 2006 Safety Superstar award from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. We have subsequently coordinated program efforts to encourage walking at schools throughout the state. For sample of our recently completed projects, check out our case studies for elementary schools in Seattle Hawthorne and Roxhill.

Recent Safe Routes to School Grant Activity

Supported through a grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation we work with Greenwood Elementary, Wedgwood Elementary, Mercer Middle School, and South Shore K-8. Feet First works with partners to develop a comprehensive approach. This includes catalyzing the engineering expertise of the Seattle Department of Transportation, bringing the neighborhood-based view of Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, providing the passion for biking of the Cascade Bicycle Club, and the planning and design expertise of Alta Planning and Design to make walking and biking to four Seattle schools safer and more inviting for students.