Work with us to ensure that all communities in Washington are walkable—join our people-powered movement by taking some of the following steps:


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WALKTOBER challenges you to take steps to explore your surroundings each day during the month of October. You’ll walk away with a better connection to your surroundings and be eligible to win some amazing prizes.Whether we are commuting to work or school, meeting friends, running errands, or exploring a new neighborhood, a walk can become an adventure.




I Walk WA_JakeDonate

You envision a community where walking is a primary mode of transportation and is safe and easy to do. You know that much needs to be done to make this vision a reality, and you want to help. Please support our work with a donation. You can donate to a program, in memory of a friend or family member, or to our general fund. Every little bit makes our movement stronger.





Join our volunteer team to ensure all communities in Washington are walkable. Feet First is a small nonprofit and every volunteer makes a big impact on the work we do—volunteers and interns work side by side with staff, board, and committee members to manage projects and events. There is a lot of room for leadership, initiative, and making change; steps taken by our volunteers and interns often leave a lasting and meaningful mark.




Jane's Walk_The Olmsted Vision (22)Lead a Walk

Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors are volunteers trained to lead walks that inspire, connect, and inform the community. These walks provide people an opportunity to explore their communities together while meeting new neighbors. We are imagining a different way of connecting with our surroundings that takes steps towards improving personal and environmental health while sharing knowledge.




Advocacy 2Take Action

Take walking to another level. Citizens, businesses, and professionals all play an important role in making pedestrian projects a priority in design, policy, and funding. Let’s work together to redesign walking back into people’s lives by planning environments where it is easy to be active on foot.





Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors CroppedAttend An Event

Looking to attend one of our upcoming neighborhood walks or quarterly Walk & Talk events? Want to brush up your knowledge of walkable communities with the latest educational webinar? Perhaps you’d like to get involved in your city’s planning process by attending an open house on a topic you care about? Check our events page and be a part of our people-powered movement!




walkable_wa_buttons2Sponsor Feet First

Your business understands the importance of walkable and vibrant communities and is looking for a way to express this value. Sponsor a Feet First walking event or map to demonstrate your support of our work in your neighborhood and throughout Washington. Sponsoring a Feet First event or walking map provides your business or organization a great way to receive targeted exposure in a neighborhood, while you show your support for the importance of walkable communities.