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The Feet First Walkable Washington Program recognizes and supports communities creating walkable places throughout Washington. The program showcases outstanding projects and programs promoting walking; maintains a statewide network of key contacts and stakeholders; and provides communities with assistance to help create safe, inviting, and accessible walkable places.


The program recognizes communities that are…
  •   Promoting walking as an important public policy
  •   Engaging their community in walking and physical activity
  •   Leading implementation of projects and programs that create more walk-friendly places
The program supports communities by…
  •   Showcasing outstanding projects on our website
  •   Facilitating collaboration and learning with an annual symposium and recognition event
  •   Providing assistance with safe routes to school, walking audits, and engagement programs

Learn more about the innovative program: Walkable Washington Program Brochure


The annual Walkable Washington Symposium brings under one roof, leaders, planners, engineers, health professionals, educators, students, and advocates. The event is a successful collaboration inspiring innovation, and celebration of programs and projects designed by cities, counties, and organizations.


This is the state’s only event providing creative networking opportunities, helpful resources, and awards to organizations and cities that are building healthy, livable, and walkable communities.  Join us for lively moderated discussions divided into three program and project areas. For more information, please visit: Walkable Washington Symposium 2015


Keynote Speaker: Dan Burden, Civic Visionary and Walkability Expert at Blue Zones
Redmond City Hall
Thursday, April 2015 | 9 am – 4 pm

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Join these leaders supporting walkable and livable communities. Find out more about our Walkable Washington Sponsorship Opportunities.


Walkable Washington Innovation Award



The Walkable Washington Innovation awards recognize outstanding programs and projects from across the state that promote healthy, livable and walkable communities. Award recipients are selected from a pool of nominees researched both internally and solicited from the public to represent a diversity of projects from Washington. Recognized judges representing private, public, and non-profits from across the state determine the three winners of this prestigious award.


To nominate your project and to be considered for the case study library, please complete this form:

Walkable Washington Share Your Project Form

The stories you share will be an inspiration for the people working across Washington creating walkable communities.