How to Start a Walking School Bus

Jen with kids on trail
Feet First leads a Walking School Bus Training at Dearborn Park International Elementary School

At its most simple, a Walking School Bus is a group of students, led by an adult, who walk to school together.

More elegantly, a Walking School Bus is an active community-building tool that shows students the social, emotional, and physical benefits of walking. A Walking School Bus helps parents feel good about allowing their children to walk to school while minimizing their time investment in school drop-offs/pick-ups.

Take a look at how one parent introduced a Walking School Bus at her child’s school. Find out how research at Seattle Children’s Research Institute proves that Walking School Buses increase physical activity and encourage changes in travel habits.

Feet First recommends the following resource to help you get started in creating a Walking School Bus.

The Seattle Public Schools/Seattle Department of Transportation Walking School Bus Brochure and Registration Form, created by Feet First can be found here:

Walking School Bus Brochure
Walking School Bus registration form

How to Start a Walking School Bus, from our colleagues at the National Center for Safe Routes to School is another useful resource.