Introducing Walk With Ease, and New Program Manager Rachel Schaeffer

Feet First is partnering with the Washington Dept. of Health to promote and expand Walk with Ease, a community-based walking program developed by the Arthritis Foundation. It is geared towards adults with arthritis or other chronic conditions who want to introduce walking into their lifestyle as a way to stay healthy and exercise in a group environment. Classes meet three times a week for 6 weeks and are led by a trained leader in stretching, warm up, walking, and cool down exercises, as well as a health discussion component. Studies done by the CDC show that this class leads to increased mobility and confidence in walking, and decreased pain, stiffness and fatigue in participants.

Rachel Schaeffer, Feet First Program Manager, is actively seeking partnerships with communities and organizations across the state who might be interested in providing this program in their area. Programmatic support, technical assistance, and more are provided to help organizations implement Walk with Ease. Please contact Rachel at for more information!


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