Let Seattle City Council Know Walking is a Right not a Privilege

Get out and vote on walking, biking and transit. Walking is a Right, not a privilege.

“It’s the last weekend before the City Council starts voting on the budget (which begins on Wednesday, 11/10).
In yesterday’s Budget Committee, the Council’s course was pretty clear. Except for Licata, who suggested a “nudge” for the CPT, and O’Brien, who is supportive, the Council is not supportive of increasing the commercial parking tax to fund Walk Bike Ride. They have not suggested other ways to fund Walk Bike Ride, or other things in the transportation budget that might be cut so that we can prioritize Walk Bike Ride.” –From the Mayor’s Office

Make your voice heard…send your comment to Seattle City Council in support of Walk Bike Ride and prioritizing these projects. Take a look a the graph below to get a perspective of what the increase in the Commercial Parking Tax really means compared to all of the other money the Seattle City Council is selecting to spend money on! CPT Comparison

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