In Response to Gregoire’s Proposals for Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for School Busing, Feet First and Cascade Call for Safe Routes to School

Today, in order to find more funds for education, Governor Christine Gregoire proposed raising hundreds of millions of dollars in new taxes to cover the costs of busing students to school. Posted December 18, 2012    Yet she failed to ask the key question: why do so many students ride the bus to school instead […]

Story from the Sole: Immersus Tours Help Visitors Engage with Seattle, on Foot

  Story from the Sole:  Immersus Tours Help Visitors Engage with Seattle, on Foot City tours are typically gleaming tour buses clustered around over-hyped sites, disgorging herds of tourists for enough time to snap a photo and hop back on the bus to ride to the next stop. Jose Antonio Tello (Tonio), founder of Seattle’s Immersus Tours, […]