Join our volunteer team to create walkable communities and encourage more people to walk.


Feet First is a small nonprofit. When you volunteer your time it makes a big impact on the work we do. As a volunteer or intern you’ll work side by side with staff, board, and committee members to manage projects and events.


There is a lot of room for your leadership and initiative. Steps taken by our volunteers and interns often leave a lasting and meaningful mark on the organization.


“Our team from Microsoft had one of the most fulfilling experiences working with Feet First on the Stairway project. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to give back to the community while having fun and creating something really beautiful! Thanks to Feet first for that opportunity. “Sangeetha Visweswaran, Volunteer Lead for Day of Caring Stairway Project



Hour Reporting

For current volunteers: please log all your hours spent volunteering by submitting them here (this helps the grants team, as many grantors ask how much time our volunteers donate.) Annually, volunteers log over 2,500 hours, which is impressive! We suspect the actual number is a lot higher. Help ensure we are successful receiving grants by logging your volunteer hours.


Stretch Your Hours

Did you know that many employers match the hours you have donated with Feet First with dollars? Find out how you can stretch your hours by clicking here. And, if your company is not listed, be sure to check with your Human Resources Department to find out if they have a matching program.


Submit Volunteer Hours



Here are some different ways YOU can get involved!




Volunteer Opportunities

NOTE: This section of our website is under construction. In the meantime, if you are interested in volunteering, please contact us by email.



Feet First Committees

In addition to the volunteer opportunities listed above at Feet First, we have two committees made up of board and non-board members. If you are interested in learning more about these committees, please send us an email and we will set up a time to meet with you.


Development Committee

The Development Committee is a talented group responsible for supporting the development, marketing, fundraising and event management activities for the organization. The Development Committee assists Feet First with the implementation of the Annual Appeal, Give Big, WALKTOBER, the Walkable Washington Symposium & Awards, and other signature events. This committee has three task forces to support its efforts: Events, Grants, and Fundraising. The Development Committee meets the first Monday of the month from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Feet First office. We also offer remote-location volunteering options. We welcome new volunteers. To learn more, email info@feetfirst.org


Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is a subcommittee of the board of directors charged with the organization’s policy and advocacy work. It is a working committee, with its own work plan. This committee has three task forces to support its efforts: Local issues, Sound Access for All, and Statewide issues. The Policy Committee meets the first Wednesday of the month from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Feet First office. We welcome new volunteers. To learn more, email info@feetfirst.org