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No matter how old you are, where you live, or why you walk, we want your experiences on foot to be safe, easy, and accessible.
When you walk, you are more likely to meet new people in your neighborhood. Walking rather than driving to the local market gives you another way to pack in exercise into your busy day. When you walk, you can be sure that with each step you are playing an important role in helping the environment. By walking, you also contribute to everyone’s sense of safety—providing another set of eyes on the street. Or, perhaps walking has become an important routine for you and your dog that requires a daily walk.
Join us on a walk. If you can’t find a walk in your neighborhood consider becoming a Neighborhood Walking Ambassador and leading walks in your community. You could also download a free Neighborhoods on Foot walking map.  Our walking maps are available locally at many shops, cafes, libraries, and community centers, as well as our office in Pioneer Square.


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Neighborhood Walks

Feet First recruits, trains, and coordinates volunteers to lead neighborhood walks. Check our event calendar or Meetup group to see our upcoming walks!






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Download Maps

We see our Neighborhoods on Foot maps as ways to both celebrate and transform your community. On the maps, you’ll read about important current events, up and coming groups, and how to put your finger on the pulse of the community. Our unique interactive approach engages people of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures. Our maps provide a common community language from which passion, understanding, and enthusiasm can be captured.



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Walks & Talks

We believe every person has the power to affect change. Feet First quarterly Walk & Talk events showcase area redevelopment that includes features to promote walking and to make people more aware of the importance of walkable communities while providing the opportunity to connect with city leaders and provide tools to create change.




NWA Walk

Walk Library

Looking for a fun neighborhood to explore, or a new walk to try out? Check out a walk from our library, and send us your ideas for walk routes where you live!






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Walking Meetings

Thinking, talking, and walking are inextricably linked through history. It is only a recent idea that we meet around tables, seated in chairs. We want to help you rediscover and share the value of walking meetings with this practical guide.







Walking Resources

Check out the recent resources about research, policies, and other news that supports walking for all. Our resources are meant to help anybody interested in working in or supporting the walking and walkability field.









Walks We Like


City of Seattle Tree Ambassador
Seattle reLeaf Tree Walks

Interested in learning more about trees and how they contribute to a neighborhood? Join the City of Seattle Tree Ambassadors for tours of Seattle’s trees. You can download a walk and take it at your own pace, or join a scheduled group Tree Walk with a volunteer Tree Ambassador. Scheduled walks are free and open to the public.





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University of Washington Botanic Gardens Weekend Walks

The UW Botanic Garden’s Weekend Walks explore the Washington Park Arboretum with a guide every Sunday. These free public tours are approximately 1.5 hours in length and highlight the Arboretum’s plant collections, seasonal beauty, and history.  Visitors meet at the Graham Visitors Center (2300 Arboretum Dr. East, Seattle, 98112) at 1:00 pm on Sundays from January through November.




WABI Burien Walk & Talk
WABI Burien’s Monthly Walk & Talk

Walk/Bike Burien (WABI) was launched by Burien citizens sharing a passion for making their community healthier and more through walking and bicycling. They focus on activities that engage citizens of all ages and abilities, with periodic events such as Walk-n-Talks and Bike SaFaRis (Safe Family Rides), Burien Bike Day in May and a Bike Commuting 101 class. WABI also works with community partners to enhance facilities that support and encourage walking and biking.





Do you know of some fantastic free walks that aren’t listed above? Contact us to have them listed here or on our event calendar!