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Mapping ThumbnailWe see our Neighborhoods on Foot maps as ways to both celebrate and transform your community. On the maps, you’ll read about important current events, up and coming groups, and how to put your finger on the pulse of the community.



A few years ago, shortly after I moved to the Pinehurst neighborhood, I had the pleasure of joining the Thorton Creek Alliance walk from Northgate to Lake Washington. This was my first long walk in the neighborhood. Not only does the (Neighborhoods on Foot Northeast Trails) map detail out this walk, but also many others that I didn’t know about. I look forward to continue to explore my neighborhood using this great map. The parks chart is also a great resource for the NE parks in our ‘hood. Many thanks! –David McLean, Pinehurst Resident


Our unique interactive approach engages people of different ages, backgrounds, and cultures. Our maps provide a common community language from which passion, understanding, and enthusiasm can be captured.


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