Walkable Washington: Pybus Market and Associated Street Improvements

The Walkable Washington program grew out of the Feet First Cities Program. It showcases exceptional pedestrian-oriented improvements, community groups and outreach programs; maintains a statewide network for key contacts and stakeholders including an annual symposium; and provides assistance with Safe Routes to School, walking audits and other educational activities and programs.


The first Walkable Washington Symposium will be held on Thursday, April 3, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm; in preparation for that event we will be highlighting projects around Washington which have enhanced walkability.


Pybus Market and Associated Street Improvements

worthen orondo3In association with the opening of the Pybus Public Market, the City of Wenatchee carried out a street improvement project along Worthen Street and Orondo Avenue to improve access to the market and provide a safe and pleasant environment for pedestrians and bikers. Construction narrowed Orondo Avenue to two travel lanes in order to minimize the pedestrian crossing distance; upgraded the four-track rail crossing to improve safety; and added bike lanes, curbs, gutters, and twelve-foot sidewalks on both streets to accommodate non-motorized travel. Overall, the redevelopment of the Pybus Market, Worthen Street and Orondo Avenue has increased walkability and community interaction in the neighborhood.


A full overview of the Pybus Market and Associated Street Improvements project is available here (pdf).

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