What We Do

Advocacy 3Advocacy

Prioritizing walking in both planning and funding decisions connects us to people, to places, and to other forms of transportation. We advocate to city council, sit on committees, write letters, hold crosswalk actions, and support the annual Transportation Advocacy Day in Olympia. The Feet First legislative agenda is supported by the work of our Policy Committee, which is composed of board members and experts who advocate for people choosing to go by foot.

Mapping ThumbnailWalkable Washington

The Walkable Washington Program recognizes and supports cities and communities that are working towards more walkable and vibrant communities throughout Washington. Feet First hosts an annual Walkable Washington Symposium & Awards, which brings together over 100 planners, engineers, advocates, education and public health professionals and government, business, and non-profit leaders. The half-day is filled with panel discussions, network opportunities, and an awards program. You'll be sure to gain perspective and solutions to foster collaboration and support for more walkable places for your communities. Join us!

Jane's Walk_The Olmsted Vision (21)Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors

Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors are volunteers trained to lead walks that inspire, connect, and inform the community. These walks provide people an opportunity to explore their communities together while meeting new neighbors. We are imagining a different way of connecting with our surroundings that takes steps towards improving personal and environmental health while sharing knowledge.

SRTS 7Safe Routes to School

Making our communities safe and convenient for walking is especially important for the health and well-being of our children. We offer a variety of services that help Safe Routes to School initiatives succeed. Find out more about how we can help parents, teachers and administrators in developing an effective Safe Routes to School program.

WA 3Walking Audits

Walking Audits are a great way to collect information for pedestrian-savvy project planning. Our Audits work with community members, elected officials, and city staff to assess the community and identify barriers and opportunities to walking so that the city or neighborhood can take steps toward improving walkability.

Mapping ThumbnailMapping

We develop neighborhood walking maps designed to encourage more community residents to walk, increase foot traffic in business districts, build understanding of walking and transit routes, bolster neighborhood identity, and raise awareness of vital community resources. Take a look at our popular Neighborhoods on Foot walking maps.

Street Stories MapStreet Stories

Street Stories is a project designed to merge storytelling, technology, and neighborhood culture to creatively engage youth in understanding how a place for all people to walk contributes to the health, safety and vibrancy of a community. In this five week after school curriculum, middle and high school students learn about walkability, community design, and digital storytelling, then create their own  video about walking in their community.