Angle Lake Station



Angle Lake Station, opened on September 24, 2016, has considerable potential for transit-oriented development. However, the six-lane Pacific Highway South (WA-99) creates a barrier that effectively divides the station area in two. In addition, the very large block sizes and the current pedestrian environment discourage walking around the area.


In 2014, Feet First hosted a Walk & Talk event at the station that brought together city officials, residents, and other interested stakeholders to discuss site-specific walkability issues. We also conducted a walking audit near Madrona Elementary, a school located less than a ½ mile from the station. We used the information obtained from this audit to provide feedback on the development of the City of SeaTac’s Angle Lake District Station Area Plan. This audit supplements a pedestrian and bike connectivity study done at this station in the same year.




International Blvd. is a challenge to cross for Madrona Elementary students and Rapid Ride Line A patrons going to or from Angle Lake Station.
  • Provide seamless, safe, inviting, and universal access. We believe that the area needs frequent pedestrian crossings along Pacific Highway to knit together the station area. We must work towards better pedestrian infrastructure connected to the station and to important destinations including Madrona Elementary School and Angle Lake Waterfront Park.
  • Support strong pedestrian-and transit-oriented development. When we do this we create more than just a station, we create a destination, a place people are invited to stay, to enjoy, and to experience by walking. We know this will take time and a big part will mean adjusting land use policies to increase density and to provide a mix of land uses in the station area.


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