Before You Step Out & Get Behind the Wheel

Be Safe When You Walk and a Smart Driver


Drivers hit people walking an average of once every 8 seconds in the U. S. Everybody walks, whether you drive, bike, take the bus, at some point in your day you walk. People seriously injured or killed when they are walking is done by someone driving a motor vehicle. Look at what Feet First is doing to ensure we get this number to zero. Know these fact before getting behind the wheel. It is your legal responsibility to avoid hitting people walking while you drive your vehicle. The most common reason people are hit by drivers is simply that the driver fails to yield to someone crossing the street. Be careful to avoid hitting a person whether they are crossing legally or not. Take a look at these Pedestrian Safety Tips.



A Thank You to Drivers from Feet First


A shout out to drivers who make our streets and sidewalks safe for everyone. Here are a few tips to make streets safer for people walking:


        1. Give priority to people walking. Yield to people walking at unmarked crosswalks. According to law, there’s a crosswalk at every corner–even when there are no signs or pavement markings. Those walking have the right of way. Also, don’t resume driving until pedestrians are either at the curb or one full lane away from you.
        2. Create a wide margin for error. When yielding to a person at a crosswalk, give them 30 feet of space. Stopping this far away is less threatening, eliminates multiple-threat collision risk, and it saves everyone time. Also, be extremely cautious when turning left at signalized intersection.
        3. Set the pace. In 2000 Boise, Idaho, invented the Neighborhood Pace Car Program. Since then other cities have created similar programs. Take a look at California‘s program. Driving slower not only helps calm traffic but also brings peace and dignity to the streets.
        4. Park responsibly. Please do not play the parking lottery by stopping or parking on the sidewalk. Don’t block crosswalks or curb cuts, and don’t accelerate aggressively out of driveways.
        5. Walk for short trips. Many drivers are simply making short trips. But you have options. If you’re driving for errands, why not get your daily exercise too? You’ll also be contributing to the people-focused vitality of your city; plus you’ll save time by not having to look for parking!
        6. Smile and wave. Your smile and a simple wave can melt away the fear that your vehicle may stimulate in the mind of someone walking. Avoid any window tinting that makes you less visible or interferes with your vision–treatments that only block UV rays are available.
        7. Choose a safe vehicle. You may not know it, but outside the United States, vehicles are tested to determine how dangerous they are to people walking. Protect people and your own liability by purchasing a safe car. Look for the European New Car Assessment Program test results for crash information.
        8. Be an advocate for walking. Pedestrians have no paid lobby or organized industry. Feet First works as your advocate to create a safer, more-efficient transportation systems that serve the needs of all users. Get involved, become a Feet First member or volunteer your skills. Help us achieve our mission!