Sound Access for All

Championing Safe Ways to Access Sound Transit Link Light Rail Stations by Foot


Do you find the streets around light rail stations to be unsafe?


Do you find it confusing to walk from where you work, shop, or live to the light rail station?


Do you find obstacles to walking? If you have limited sight or mobility do you find it especially challenging?





Feet First’s Sound Access for All program makes walking to and from light rail stations safe, accessible, and inviting for people of all ages and abilities.  We collaborate with Sound Transit, community leaders and local cities to ensure station designs and plans are:


  • Universally accessible:
    Designing facilities to be usable by everyone, regardless of age, ability or resources
  • Systematic:
    Understanding that the pedestrian network and light rail are two complementary components of the transportation system
  • Context sensitive:
    Incorporating local community needs and functions into the design and/or plan




Sound Access for All builds upon successes of the past several years:

  • Convinced the Sound Transit Board to adopt a system-wide Access Policy for Sound Transit 3 ballot measure.
  • Worked with policy makers to secure $35 million to fund a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over I-5 to connect thousands of North Seattle College students, faculty, and staff with the future Northgate Light Rail Station.
  • Led coalitions across the region that support putting people first in the design of our Link light rail stations.




Sound Transit is currently making station-area planning and engineering decisions that will shape the surrounding communities for decades to come. Now is the time to design light rail stations with a people-oriented approach, to build transit ridership, and to support communities that allow transit to get us to work, to school, and to leisure destinations. With stations that connect us by foot, we can shape a better future.


Find out more about Sound Access for All’s exciting efforts at these following future light rail stations:



Feet First thanks to the Bullitt Foundation for supporting the Sound Access for All program.