We develop neighborhood walking maps designed to increase foot traffic in business districts, build understanding of walking and transit routes, bolster neighborhood identity, and raise awareness of vital community resources. Take a look at our popular Neighborhoods on Foot walking maps.

Neighborhoods on Foot Walking Maps Make a Difference in Our Communities

Not everyone sees walking the way we do: as an important form of transportation that is healthier for us, better for our environment, and safer for our communities.

The Neighborhoods on Foot Walking Maps:

  • Remind people that walking is an option. Day in and day out, many people are used to turning to their vehicles for most, if not all, of their travel and transportation needs. Our work reminds people there are things they can experience differently and better on foot, while getting the added benefit of exercise.
  • Highlight trails and safe routes to take, bridging barriers people may experience preventing them from walking.
  • “Working with Feet First to create our walking map showed us the needs of the groups we serve, including their perceptions of the walkability of our neighborhood.”
    — Natalie Gulsrud, Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Provide information and raise awareness about neighborhood assets that residents may not already know of, such as locations of vital community services, parks, bus stops, public art, community gardens, and so much more!
  • Spark curiosity for residents to explore their neighborhoods, and other communities, on foot.
Putting maps in the hands of residents increases the number of people making more trips on foot. Together, if we increase the rate of walking in our communities, a lot of amazing things begin to happen:
  • Residents become physically fitter. Walking is a great form of exercise! The annual cost to society for obesity is currently estimated at nearly $100 billion. Walkable communities are one way we can reverse costs related to obesity, especially among children.
  • Businesses thrive. A dollar spent at an independent business generates about 3 times as much benefit to the local economy as spending a dollar at a chain retailer, and locally-owned businesses thrive in densely-built, walkable communities.
  • Our natural environment becomes healthier. Think of how much cleaner our air and water would be if a significant portion of car trips turned into walking trips?
  • Communities become safer. With more residents walking, the increased “eyes on the street,” reduce the chances for crimes of opportunity. Neighborhood residents help keep an eye out for each other, and walking increases community safety.
For all of these reasons, it really comes down to this: walkable communities are vibrant communities, and providing Neighborhoods on Foot Walking Maps is one of the many ways Feet First works to ensure that all of our communities are walkable.
Sponsor or commission a Neighborhoods on Foot Walking Map today!

Sponsor a Walking Map

“I love my new (Northeast Seattle Trails) map! It is a terrific example of creativity, hard work and cooperation between many agencies and people.”
— Joan Burton, author of Urban Walks: 23 Walks Through Seattle’s Parks and Neighborhoods
Highlight your company or organization on one of our walking maps. We accept up to five sponsors per map and offer two levels of sponsorship.

  • Your logo and contact information on 20,000 maps (differentiated by level);
  • Location of your company printed on the map (if applicable); and
  • Your business/organization will be mention in the Feet First online newsletter sent to 3000 + Feet First supporters at the time of printing of map.

Commission a Walking Map

Community engagement mapmaking focuses on helping community members discover concerns and visions around neighborhood walkability, while producing a useful walking map to share in neighborhood exploration. Price includes printing 20,000, full-color maps.
Cost: $15,000 – $20,000


When we share resources, we all learn. The more knowledge people share, the closer we are to achieving our vision.

Through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we worked with the National Parks Service to develop a Community Map Making Handbook. Take a look how you can easily get started making your own map by just walking in your neighborhood and jotting things down.

We are here every step of the way, so feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with creating a map for your neighborhood or school.