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Join the call for safer, more walkable communities by becoming a Feet First Neighborhood Walking Ambassador!


Neighborhood "What an enjoyable, informative and relaxed-paced urban walk. Adam did an absolutely outstanding job in giving us history and hidden secrets of this Interbay area."
—Joe Staiano, Founder of Meaningful Trip
Walking Ambassadors are volunteers trained to lead walks that inspire, connect, and inform the community.


These walks provide people an opportunity to explore their communities together while meeting new neighbors. We are imagining a different way of connecting with our surroundings that takes steps towards improving personal and environmental health while sharing your knowledge with others. We help you design interactive, engaging walks that provide you the opportunity to share information with the community in an open dialogue fashion about what is happening in the neighborhood. The walks provide community members a hands on opportunity to look at neighborhoods and their connections to place differently. The walks allow people to explore, share and to walk away with new knowledge and inspiration. You are at the heart of the conversation, the heart of sharing how people can be empowered to make changes in their community.


Walking connects us with community. Walking is the most inclusive transportation modes being it is a healthy and sustainable way to get around that helps promote neighborhood safety and a sense of unity. When more people are out walking there are more eyes on the street, neighborhood pride, and social connections.


Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors Cropped
We host a spring training for up to 30 new Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors. These new leaders support our Jane’s Walks, Summer Series Walks, Staircase Walks, and WALKTOBER Walk for Fun walks. 
Join our team of Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors, and share your story about the important places you connect with while inspiring others to put their feet first!

Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors build stronger, healthier communities.


By leading group walks, Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors:
  1. Engage "I love being with people, and being a Feet First NWA in my favorite park allows me to meet and interact with fabulous folks from all over."
    —Mary Magenta, Feet First Neighborhood Walking Ambassador
    with neighborhood residents about the importance of walkable communities
  2. Build local support for pedestrian advocacy
  3. Increase the rate of walking
  4. Foster stronger, healthier, and more vibrant communities


Walking is an important form of transportation that is healthier for us, better for our environment, and safer for our communities.


Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors work to increase the trips their community’s residents take on foot by leading regular group walks open to people of all ages and abilities, highlighting enjoyable routes and trails, providing encouragement to walk more in their daily lives, and educating about the many benefits of walking.


What happens when Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors increase the rate of walking in our neighborhoods?


Stairway Walks Day
Residents become physically fitter.
Walking is a great form of exercise
, and is one way to counter the rising number of preventable diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Businesses thrive. Locally owned businesses thrive in densely-built, walkable communities.
Our natural environment becomes healthier. Every  trip taken on foot instead of by car represents a step towards reducing pollution, decreasing the community’s carbon footprint,  and keeping their air and water pure. 
Communities become safer. With more residents walking, there are more “eyes on the street,” reducing the chances for crimes of opportunity. Neighborhood residents help keep an eye out for each other, and increases community safety.
Neighborhood social connections improve when more people are out walking. This increases chances for unplanned, casual interactions between neighbors, which fosters stronger personal connections.





Take a look at one of our Neighborhood Walking Ambassadors walks:


Kubota Garden


Contact Feet First’s Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer@feetfirst.org, 206.652.2310 ext 5) to find out when the next training is and sign up today.



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