Safe Routes to School

FF_web_program_graphics4Feet First works to make walking to school safe, easy, and fun for children.

Walking just once a week helps children build healthy habits for a lifetime, such as preventing obesity. It’s also one of the best ways to connect with others. Feet First encourages community connections through our Safe Routes to School programs. We partner with schools to organize walking school buses and walk-to-school celebrations, provide training and technical expertise, create safety curricula, and support existing programs across Washington. Whether it’s through a walking school bus or an impromptu walk with a neighbor, children will build strong bonds and memories with their families and friends. Walk more. Connect more.


Students who walk to school exhibit higher overall physical activity compared to students who do not.


Students who walk to school perform better academically compared to students who do not.


When we create walkable communities, we make places safer, inviting, and more connected. When families walk their children to school our communities become stronger.

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