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A generation ago nearly half of K-8 grade students walked or biked to school; today the national average is just thirteen percent. Supporting schools and families is essential for building walkable routes to school. Safe Routes to School programs typically incorporate safety, health, community-building, traffic relief, and environmental awareness components.


Feet First is available to work with you on grants, comprehensive plans, policy development and large-scale campaigns.


If your city, school district, or regional planning organization is looking for a smart way to advance Safe Routes to School, consider a partnership with Feet First! Our fee for service document has more information about the kinds of expertise we offer. Contact us for more information!


Throughout the State of Washington, Feet First works to make it safer and easier for families to walk to school.


Current Grant Activity

Our current Safe Routes to School partnership catalyzes the engineering expertise of SDOT, the neighborhood-based worldview of Feet First and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, the passion for biking of the Cascade Bicycle Club, and the planning and design expertise of Alta Planning and Design to make biking and walking to four Seattle schools safer and more appealing for students. The Washington State Department of Transportation awarded Safe Routes to School grants to Greenwood Elementary, Wedgwood Elementary, Mercer Middle School, and South Shore K-8. Feet First has spent the past year with each of these schools, working with families, school staff, and community members to make it safer and easier for children to travel these neighborhoods on foot.



Safe Routes to School Action Network

The Safe Routes to School Action Network is a community of people across Washington State who have come together to advocate for safe walking and bicycling to and from school to improve the health and well-being of students, and to create more livable and sustainable communities. The network is comprised of individuals at all levels of groups and organizations, from local groups to state-level departments that support and promote the safety and future of all students. Be a part of the action – join us today!


2015 Webinars:

Walking School Bus –

Carla Feltz Webinar PowerPoint

David Genova Webinar PowerPoint



WALKTOBER and Other Walk to School Events

Feet First provides resources and consultation for schools that want to host Walk to School events. We offer trainings to orient and inspire Safe Routes to School advocates in your community. Every October is WALKTOBER and Feet First hosts a friendly campaign to celebrate walking to school, to work, and for fun!




SRTS 7Safety Education

Feet First provides safety education for elementary students, middle school students, parents, and teachers. We also have a growing number of programs and activities to engage older youth.






SRTS 7Arrival and Departure Zone Improvements

Are your school’s arrival and departure procedures an accident waiting to happen? A chaotic environment immediately before and after school is an educational climate issue as well as a safety hazard. Feet First has developed tools to help schools address safety needs for all transportation modes during arrival and departure times.




SRTS 7Mapping

We will analyze your school’s current walk route map and design an updated walk route map using a community engagement process similar to our popular Neighborhoods on Foot walking maps.





SRTS 7Safe Routes to School History

Feet First launched the Safe Routes to School program at Baily Gatzert Elementary School in 2004. The program received the 2006 Safety Superstar award from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. We have subsequently coordinated program efforts to encourage walking at schools all over the Puget Sound and across the state. For sample of our recently completed projects, check out our case studies for elementary schools in Seattle Hawthorne and Roxhill.