The Month of October is International Walk to School Month, IWALK


Every year, tens of thousands of schools around the country and world celebrate IWALK by organizing events to encourage more students and families to walk to school. How about you?


IWALK events can take many forms. Some schools plan for a one day event while others organize a month long campaign where students track their own trips. Many schools opt for the traditional walk-to-school event while others walk at school or organize a remote bus drop-off one morning. There is no right way to do IWALK as long as students are walking!


IWALK celebrations promote health, safety and community by reminding us all about the joys and benefits found through the simple act of walking to school. It is never too early to sign up for the 2014 IWALK challenge! Sign up today and we can help support your IWALK efforts. 


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Safe Routes to School Brochure in English or Spanish (Contact Feet First for versions in Vietnamese, Chinese, and Somali)


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Feet First IWALK Challenge


Thank you to all the schools across Washington that participated in the 2013 Feet First IWALK Challenge.


In order to get more students walking in October, we host the annual Feet First IWALK Challenge. Schools that host IWALK events can join the IWALK Challenge for a chance to win prizes from Feet First, including active play equipment for schools and walking school bus supplies.


IWALK Challenge Winners

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