IWALK and Other Walk To School Events

Feet First is involved in Safe Routes to School events by building and nurturing programs across the State of Washington. Along with implementing our own grants, we also facilitate networking and resource sharing among individuals, schools and communities.


International Walk to School Month, IWALK

October is International Walk to School Month, known as “IWALK” for short. Every year, schools around the country and world celebrate IWALK by organizing events to encourage more students and families to walk to school. IWALK 2013 saw 4,447 schools register events in the United States and over 40 countries participate worldwide.


In order to get more Washington students walking in October, we host the annual Feet First IWALK Challenge. Schools that host IWALK events can join the IWALK Challenge for a chance to win prizes and recognition from Feet First. For more information, check out our IWALK Challenge page.


IWALK events promote health, safety and community by reminding us all about the joys and benefits found through the simple act of walking to school.

What can you do to make your IWALK event a success?

  1. Join our IWALK Challenge by filling out this short survey. You will receive summer-paced information and links to put you in good planning position for the fall.
  2. Register your school’s intent to hold an event by going to the national Walk to School website. When asked how you heard about IWALK, please tell them Feet First sent you. 

IWALK events can take many forms, from one day activities to month long campaigns, and are often a springboard for comprehensive Safe Routes to School programs. IWALK celebrations promote health, safety and community by reminding us all about the joys and benefits found through the simple act of walking to school. It is never too early to sign up for the 2014 IWALK challenge! Sign up today and we can help support your IWALK efforts. 


Check out the Feet First IWALK Planning Blogs


Step 1: Finding Champions for Your IWALK Campaign

Step 2: Choosing an IWALK Campaign to Fit Your School

Step 3: IWALK Steps For The Start Of The School Year

Step 4: Building Excitement for Your IWALK Event

Step 5: Making It Count: Tracking Participation


Download Resources and Materials for your Walk to School Events


Creating a Successful Walking Campaign

Choosing Your Walking Campaign

Safe Routes to School Brochure in English or Spanish (Contact Feet First for versions in Vietnamese, Chinese, and Somali)


Flyers and Posters: Clip art, Examples from other schools

Newsletter Articles: Examples from other schools

Punchcards and Calendars:IWALK Calendar Template

Work Plan Examples: Work Plans


Additional information and access to information can be found at


Meet the Feet First IWALK Challenge Schools


Schools from around the state have found creative and inspiring ways to get more families walking. Check out these accounts of IWALK Challenge participants from years past:


IWALK Challenge Winners 2012

IWALK Challenge Winners 2013

Inspiration from Across the State Part I

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Meet Past Feet First IWALK Challenge Panel of Judges


Each year, a panel of celebrity judges is tasked with the awesome responsibility of choosing the winners of the Feet First IWALK Challenge.


Celebrity Panel of Judges 2013

Celebrity Panel of Judges 2012