Walking Audits

Walking Audit Clipboard
Walking Audits are a great way to collect information for pedestrian-savvy project planning. Our Audits work with community members, elected officials, and city staff to assess the community and identify barriers and opportunities to walking so that the city or neighborhood can take steps toward improving walkability.

“At first, the audit seemed like it would be overwhelming, because we have so many street safety issues here on the reservation. However, the walking audit helped us to clarify tangible areas that we can make an impact, both big and small.”
–Lummi Tribe Walking Audit Participant

The most important part of an audit is having the participation of local residents—people who know the area, who live or work there, and know what it’s like to walk around the neighborhood. Community members are encouraged to come along and share their comments and observations. We bring along cameras for children and adults to record specific points of the walking experience.

After the audit, Feet First compiles a report which serves as a tool for neighborhood planning and a walkability baseline so we can measure and celebrate progress in future. The report can be used to leverage support to make improvements to the walking environment. Walking Audit reports have been used by organizations to support grant applications, to prioritize engineering changes, and to create neighborhood plans.

Community Walking Audits

Safe Routes to School Walking Audits

A walking audit involves a three-hour event to train parents, school officials and students on walking  safety and to identify safest walking routes to school. The walking audit is interactive, and we provide cameras and reporting sheets and facilitate discussion. Using these materials, we create a final report which includes top observations and recommendations for walkability as well as walking audit field notes with specific changes or issue identification to address safety, built environment, enforcement, community asset and conflict of shared space. To learn more about these services, contact us.